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Thank you! + Japan and Workshops

Hi folks,

This is just a very brief blog post to say thank you to the new website subscribers. It means so much more than a social media follow; that anybody has taken the time to subscribe to the website makes me feel very grateful! As a new subscriber you might not be aware but I am able to offer you discount codes for LEE Filters and Hahnemühle products (UK only I'm afraid), all details for those can be found here.

It's only a couple of weeks until I visit Tokyo to lecture at Musashino Art University. I still can't believe this is happening as it's a dream come true to visit Japan. Once my workshop is done I am looking forward to exploring and hopefully capturing a series of new photographs. Above is a poster for one of my talks. If you do happen to be in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan from the 11th to the end of September do let me know!

Lastly, when I return from Japan it's time to start with the Autumn/Winter workshops.

I have availability for Wastwater, Spurn Point and Dungeness workshops. All of them bucket list locations for any photographer. If you'd like to join us, you can find all the details and book here.

Thanks again and talk soon.


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