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Beyond the Cairn

‘Beyond the Cairn’ - that which is imperceptible until the senses are heightened.

Published in Black + White Photography Magazine issue #285 (available Dec 14th 2023)

Here then may be lived a life of the senses so pure, so untouched by any mode of apprehension but their own, that the body may be said to think. Each sense heightened to its most exquisite awareness is in itself total experience. This is the innocence we have lost, living in one sense at a time to live all the way through.” ~ The Living Mountain, Nan Bield.

'Allt Mor'
Two steps at a time, you led me
Through the snow, beside the river
You took away my darkness
The screaming in my ears
The heaviness in my soul
The sickness in my veins
Cleansed my heart with purity of white
Mountains loomed by the crystal water
And through that dark ringing power

The endless hurt washed away. 
~ K M Holtby.

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