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Tuition, Workshops & Photo-tours

Karl has been running creative photography workshops professionally since 2015. During this time it has become evident that the main objective for students is the will to find their own voice and to produce photographs with 'impact'. Of course the technical aspects of photography are essential, and we can certainly work on those. More important and challenging is to develop one's own aesthetic and to help you evoke your thoughts and feelings around a particular location. Teaching photography at the highest level, most recently as Visiting Professor at renowned Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Karl's strengths as a mentor ensure that you will gain a new way of seeing. Helping you develop on your own photographic journey is a priority for these workshops.
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New dates to be added soon.


New dates to be added soon.

1-2-1 Workshops

Most of the workshops that I run are 1-2-1, the cost for a day's tuition, tailored to your needs is £250. 
However, I also cater for small groups of up to 4 people, this can work out cheaper per person.

"I have followed Karl’s work on social media for many years as something about it speaks to me. In February 2022 I attended his Winter Solitude workshop. I followed this up in February 2023 with his Coastal Visions workshop. A girl in what can often feel like a man’s world, I was somewhat nervous about attending a workshop and feeling out of my depth. On the first occasion there was a group of six of us, guess what? I was the only girl. I didn’t need to worry though as we all introduced ourselves and Karl put me at ease straight away. Karl chooses his workshops at places he knows and loves so he has a real knowledge of the surroundings. Karl gave every person some one-to-one time. The second workshop ended up being a one-to-one session and I was rather daunted by this, but I didn’t need to be. Karl put me at ease, we spoke about what I wanted to get out of the session and we got to work, again walking to get a feel for the place. On both of these workshops I was encouraged to use the manual mode and slow the process down. I had the opportunity to try out different techniques and found the whole experience both interesting and informative. The one-to-one session was especially helpful as it came at a time when I had lost my way a little and gave me a lot of opportunity to talk things through and stop putting pressure on myself to churn out multiple images each time I go out with my camera. The weather on both of those workshops was definitely against us, but I still managed to come away with some lovely photographs and a better state of mind. 

Thank you Karl." ~ Rachael Dunn, April 2023.

"I first discovered Karl's work whilst watching him speak at The Photography Show and thought "I want to learn how to make images like those".  Subsequently I booked on to two of his workshops.  Last weekend we spent a day at Wastwater. Wow! What a stunning location! Karl's knowledge of the area meant we were able to make the best of the time we had. I learnt so much about landscape composition and how to cut out "clutter" and simplify shots for greater impact, plus numerous other tips. We also practised long exposures on the water which was great fun. Karl is a superb instructor and tailored the day to suit the group. I cannot wait to get to Spurn Point for the next workshop. I would highly recommend Karl's workshops, whatever level your Photography is at!" ~ Terri Spoerry, Oct 2022. 

"I've just completed two of Karl's workshops and really can't praise him enough! I had a vision of what I wanted my photographs to be and portray but didn't know how to get those images. Karl's patience coupled with his expertise, enthusiasm and friendliness enabled me to take those shots. Thanks to Karl I now have confidence to go out there and use my camera and other equipment to better effect, without relying on post processing image editing. I don't think anyone could fail to learn on these workshops, whether a beginner or someone with more advanced capabilities. And where else could be more beautiful and as accessible than the Yorkshire coast. Many thanks Karl, for two tremendous days" ~ Tracy Wheldon (8/10/2018).

"Having admired Karl’s superb work on Facebook, I decided to sign up for one of his Coastal Vision workshops at Flamborough Head and Thornwick Bay, and had an excellent day. Karl’s relaxed and friendly style creates the perfect learning environment and made for a really enjoyable day. Thanks to his expertise and patience, I learnt a huge amount about composition, taking impactful seascapes and how to make the most of a location even though the light on the day was far from ideal. We had a range of abilities on our group from beginners to more experienced photographers and everyone felt they had learnt something during the day. I would recommend Karl’s workshops to anyone and will certainly be booking again. Thanks for all your support Karl!" ~ Sharon Kerby, Birmingham (3/10/2018).

"Karl's workshop was extremely informative and rewarding. His vast knowledge of photography and his passion for the area meant that it was a day packed with inspiring moments. It resulted in some pleasing image capture that were very much in my own style, but these were vastly improved by Karl's suggestions or tips. He made it possible for me to hone my shot in a way that would otherwise have taken many more wasted shots and frustrated attempts. He has any easy manner and all his suggestions were designed to be no frills, stupidly sensible and simple advice that was easy to follow. It will now become ingrained in my way of thinking when planning and arriving on a photo shoot. I only wished that I lived closer to Karls stomping ground so that I could regularly take advantage of his workshops. To anyone wondering about making an investment to improve their skill set, I cannot recommend Karl enough" ~ Karen Rainbird.

"Wanting to try something new, I booked two of Karl’s one-day workshops on the Yorkshire coast. On the first workshop I went with an open mind as I hadn’t photographed any coastal landscapes, let alone in bad weather! My camera usually stays safely tucked away during these kinds of conditions, but not any more. Karl encouraged me to try something new and find my individual style whilst sharing his experience on composition and long exposure techniques; using shapes and textures to enhance the image and to create different perspectives. On the second workshop we built on the first and I was more focussed, confident and relaxed about what I was doing and what I was looking to achieve. Karl’s workshops cater for small numbers so he has more time to help individuals.  His knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity helped me to see the landscape differently and become more focused on finding my own style of photography. For the best shots, be prepared to get your feet wet! Many thanks Karl. I’m looking forward to our next outing!" . Lynn Wraith, Yorkshire.

"I just wanted to provide you with some feedback about my experience of your Coastal Vision Workshop at Spurn Point.
Karl was informative and encouraging throughout the entire workshop, providing instruction and support, encouraging me to think a lot more about geometric shapes and natural composition. I learned that by taking time to move around, change level and perspective, I could gradually start to see things differently and create more impactful images with a professional feel to them. 
Karl was very patient and offered constructive commentary throughout, and his fusion of interests such as photography and conservation coupled with his affinity with nature and the landscape was instrumental in making the day a meaningful and creative learning experience! 
Meeting like-minded people enhanced the workshop further, as we shared experiences, tips and ideas through great conversation and mutual respect for each other’s skill levels. Karl helped me to fine tune my camera settings to get the most out of my equipment, and he also gave invaluable advice on the benefit of filters, tripods and lens settings, in order to create professional looking photographs and reduce post-processing work.
During the workshop I found myself connecting with the landscape in a very mindful way and this experience has stimulated thoughts and ideas that I will put into practice in my landscape and other photography projects". - David Trowsdale.

"I became aware of Karl’s work through Instagram. He is one of the photographer’s who’s work I loved and used to inspire me to greater things. When he announced the Coastal Visions workshops I booked one without hesitation. This is a diversion from what I would normally do. I would normally muddle through and learn things myself, the hard way, but what better way than to learn from someone who’s work inspires you. Karl has the ability to relate to anyone. We had four people on the course each at very different levels. Karl was able to pick out what everyone wanted or in my case needed and gave me sufficient advice and information over the day to allow me to move my photography on. The location was well thought out with lots of different things to photograph and challenge you. If you want to improve your photography book onto one of Karl’s courses. They are great value. I will be back again. Thank you Karl" - David Whittaker.

"Thank you for being a first-class mentor! Having followed you on Facebook for a while, admiring your inspirational work, I attended your workshop in the hope of learning something of how you create such magical images: I came away having learned much more than I expected, and am so pleased to have invested the time. I would not hesitate to recommend your workshop to others. You have that enviable ability to relate to anyone, regardless of their level of photographic ability, and the knowledge that you share is invaluable. So even beginners would gain massively in the confidence and inspiration that you would impart to them, and I suggest that anyone, especially beginners, should not hesitate in booking a place on your workshops". ~ David Royle.
"Karl, many thanks for the Flamborough Head workshop. Another enjoyable day where I learned so much about composition, taking long exposures, using filters ....and the difference between taking a picture rather than a snap. I would certainly recommend your workshops to anyone; I've been on 3 and will be coming again!" ~ Tim Wilson, York.
"I seldom book on Photography courses, either due to cost, incompatible dates &/or locations.I have been a long time admirer of Karl's work and when I saw the Coastal visions workshops advertised, I was immediately interested.The cost was affordable, the dates compatible and the Locations, close to where I live.I have managed to book on all three location and at present have attended one.Communication was great and the day started well, this being my first serious introduction to Landscape photography. This was a small group so it enabled Karl to spend quality time with each of the attendees.He was very generous in sharing his wealth of experience and shooting style.Karl was also generous with his own kit and keen to lend out filters to try, for different effects.I do look forward to the next two and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending these to anyone with an interest in improving their Landscape photography". ~ Adrian Sartain, Scarborough.


"I first met Karl at a very agreeable group workshop for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust at Spurn Point. I’m a big admirer of his work and Karl’s friendly, easy-going and enthusiastic personality made it a no-brainer when deciding to book a one-to-one session to work specifically on my approach to composing images. I felt that Karl put a lot of effort into understanding exactly what I wanted to achieve from the session, and crafted a day that would really suit me. The result was a hugely enjoyable day with Karl at various locations around Flamborough Head, where we fortunate enough to enjoy fantastic changeable conditions. Karl is an excellent tutor, and helped me to develop my technique, whilst still ensuring that the images I created reflected my own style. I wouldn’t hesitate to book Karl again". ~ James Daniel (@zenithaerialphotography )
Heather Barnes, Hull.
"Just to say a huge thank you for your patience and sharing your knowledge with me this morning during our workshop... I don't think the rain and cold bothered either of us and I learnt more in 3 hours than I have in years!! Looking forward to learning more soon....highly recommended to anyone wanting to develop their photography skills... thank you again"
Simon Crabtree, Bridlington.

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Karl Holtby for the amazing one to one tutorial at Spurn Point and recommend anyone wanting to improve their photography to arrange a session as soon as possible. As somebody fairly new to Photography I have felt that to improve my photos I needed to grasp an understanding of how to do so from a professional. After seeing Karl’s photo’s on Facebook and Flickr, I contacted Karl to arrange a one to one day and look to improve my workflow and composition when taking pictures.  Following correspondence we arranged to meet on a Sunday to hold the session. Karl very quickly made me feel at ease and started to show me the fundamentals of what is needed to take the pictures I wanted whilst doing so in a language that I could easily understand and at a pace that allowed me to take it all in.
We spent the day looking at all aspects of taking the picture we were wanting from camera settings, correct filter as well as getting the best out of the light and situation we were in. Karl quickly showed me how to get the right composition and that the most obvious photo opportunity is not always the best. It has given me a better insight into the way I need to work, approach and take the final shot simply just by watching and listening to what Karl had taught.
Throughout the day Karl was very informative, very professional and passionate about all aspects of photography and, willing to offer advice and teach skills in such a manner that made it all fit together to make the day very good value for money. Professionalism was evident right the way through the long day and is something that I would look to do again and recommend to everyone I know. I now have the confidence to go out and get the shot I want much quicker and confidently. Thanks again Karl and keep up the good work."

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