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Where Ravens Soar

Published in Black + White Photography Magazine issue #244 - September 2020

A sample of the text from issue #244 below...

"It was a particularly gloomy morning on the Isle of Skye last March when I woke up and looked out of the window. I couldn’t see much; the weather had been relentlessly grey with rain and gales for several days. In spite of the inclement weather I headed out for a walk along the Quiraing. I could barely stand in the wind, treading with care along the precipitous trail. After a while I began to switch off, the walk becoming meditative. At times a gust of wind hit my face so hard that it took my breath away. I inhale deeply, feeling enlivened by the energy surrounding me. When overcome by this zen-like state, we begin to notice things on another level. Our senses become more attuned to the environment and we settle into a different rhythm. The brooding spires of the Quiraing protrude from the low cloud. As I look up, a raven soars between the jagged peaks, its metallic cawing further enhancing the sensory experience and connecting me further with this wilderness. I feel deeply the power of the landscape and nature that inhabits this seemingly other worldly location. When I reach for my camera, it is completely involuntary..."

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