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血筋 Chi-suji       [Bloodlines]

This series comprises of photographs made during my exploration of Japan over the course of two trips, in 2022 and 2023. The series is ongoing. 
Japan had always been a dream destination for me. My work over the years has been heavily influenced by Japanese art and culture. To be invited to lecture at Musashino Art University was a dream come true. I honestly suspect that I manifested this opportunity in some way. Perhaps my work resonates with the Japanese mind. Many people that I know, who have visited Japan themselves, asked if I felt like a fish out of water whilst in Japan, suggesting that it can feel as if one has been transported to some alien land. I have to say that I have felt completely at home in Japan from the very start. There is most certainly a way of being that is uniquely Japanese. And that is a highly attuned sense of the beautiful, the poignancy of the moment and the ephemeral nature of life itself, which is very moving. In fact, it has affected me personally. I officially became a Buddhist in early March.

During my second trip I had the good fortune of visiting Hokkaido. It was a trip full of profound experiences, which I struggle to put into words, for words can only say so much. I have shared a collection of my journal entries below. These may offer further insight into the story. 

I will be adding further images and words to the series over the coming weeks, months and years.

Karl M. Holtby

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