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New Ambassador Role + Update!

Greetings from Yorkshire everyone, long time no speak!

Summer is a strange time for outdoor photographers, the light is too bright and quite frankly it feels like a time to enjoy oneself in the outdoors. For me, that usually means riding a bike. So it's with great excitement to share that I recently became an ambassador for Enigma Bicycles. Some of you may have seen this on social media. Cycling has always been a passion of mine so I’m really looking forward to collaborating with Enigma, who specialise in beautifully made Titanium bikes. There are many reasons why I wanted to work with Enigma. It certainly wasn’t just to get a very nice bike to tear around on! Some of you will be aware if you’ve been following me for a while that I actually have a very debilitating health condition. I won’t bore you with the details in this post, but on the bad days I can barely function; simply getting vertical in the morning can be a problem with extreme fatigue. I’ve always kept fairly fit however, by making sure I exercise on the good days. Because of this, I never take being on the bike for granted. I enjoy every ride hugely. This not only benefits my physical health, but also my mental health which suffers because of the health condition.

The other reason why this is such an exciting collaboration for me is the fact that I have been cycling into the remote Cairngorms a lot for the past year or so. I’m working on a photographic project of this vast wilderness and much of my work from this area has been recce’d by bike (including the image above.) The Cairngorms is a stunning location but, due to its size, one must cover many miles to find those compositions. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to further explore on the Enigma Edge gravel bike, pictured below. More on that later!

This collaboration is about pushing myself creatively and physically. I’ll be discussing the links between nature, creativity, mental health and well being, and how all of these subjects combine, affecting the outcome and aesthetic of my work. As with previous projects, this will be long term, visiting the Cairngorms throughout the seasons. I’ll be blogging about all of this over on the website. I’ve even finally taken the plunge to teach myself video! So expect to see some of that soon too.

In other news it is with great pleasure that I'm continuing my long standing relationship with Benro UK. Benro now have a section on their website with ambassador profiles, which you can view here if you're interested. The good news is that I will soon have a unique discount code to share with you, which will be valid for ALL Benro products. Should you have any questions about Benro products don't hesitate to get in touch via the website.

Lastly, I have added a date for a Spurn Point Coastal Visions Workshop - October 15th 2023.

Please note that I am now limiting all of my Coastal Visions workshops to just four participants. As I type there are just three places left. If you'd like to join us at this bucket list destination for photographers you can book at the link here.

Thanks for being along for the ride!

Best wishes,


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