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Lost Souls Triptych...

This triptych was made at a place where I feel that my photography really evolved, Spurn Point on the East Yorkshire coast. No two days are the same at Spurn and I have witnessed beautifully dramatic light even in the middle of the afternoon. On this particular day however it was a fairly dull and somber walk to the very end of the point; which is a seven mile round hike on sand which always feels hard going. However, if you just take your time and drift along it's the most zen like place to really switch off from it all. Big skies and a seemingly endless beach leading to a place that feels like the end of the earth.

I was enjoying the walk as I always do despite the light being kind of flat for photography; who am I kidding I love it when it's this dull! What really caught my eye however is clearly visible in the second image in the set above. I'd noticed that the tide seemed to be coming from two directions; with the waves passing over one another. This was quite mesmerising to watch but what struck me most was the feeling of intense energy being generated here. I can only assume that this phenomenon is caused by the North Sea colliding with the Humber estuary as it's pretty much at this point where they'd meet. This is something that gives Spurn a unique and other worldly energy. On one side of this long, narrow spit of land we have the force of the North Sea, to the other, the mighty Humber estuary. On first appearance Spurn Point can look quite barren. Once tuned into this landscape however you will see that it is extremely rich in wildlife on both sides and I've had some of my most memorable encounters with nature here. Some of these highlights including the first time I ever saw a short-eared owl coming in over the sea; I had no idea that owls migrated back then so to see those glaring eyes gliding towards me was real eye opener to the wonders of this migratory stop-off point for so many birds. Other highlights include grey seals on pretty much every visit, and seeing deer and fox on the beach at dawn.

Spurn is a place where I love to run workshops, particularly for people wanting to learn long exposure techniques. If you're interested in a 1-2-1 workshop or small group, do get in touch. I'll also be putting up dates for a more informal Photo-walk here very soon.

You can purchase these images as a set, via the store. Link here...

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