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Autumn Leaves...

Autumn Leaves is the title of a very beautiful and personal favourite Jazz classic, featuring the haunting sounds of Miles Davis' trumpet. And the only relevance to this post is that I thought it a nice title!

Anyway, welcome to the latest update!

I've spent quite a few weeks in the Cairngorms this year and I'm slowly but surely building an image library of this vast area, which is the largest National Park in the UK. If you consider that a very small patch of woodland took me three years to document with Winter Solitude, you can imagine that the Cairngorms project could take considerably longer! During my latest visit last month, the autumn colours were simply magical, perhaps the most vivid I have ever seen. I actually find these displays of colour quite visually overwhelming, and it's difficult to really simplify a scene into the more intimate kind of photograph that I prefer. However, just as with any location, we need to visit multiple times to really develop a clear aesthetic that we can move forward with. The Cairngorm wilderness is somewhere that I've really connected with and a place where I really feel at home, so multiple visits will certainly be no hardship!

I hope you enjoy this selection of photographs from the Cairngorm wilderness. I'm hoping to return again soon this winter.

In other news I have a few exciting updates to share with you. I have lost track to be completely honest so if I have mentioned it previously in a blog post I apologise! But I'm delighted to share that my Winter Solitude series will feature in Outdoor Photography magazine, issue 289, which will be available 29/12/22. It's incredibly rewarding to have another project published that means so much to me. As I always say, projects which really come from a place of feeling will resonate with others. This is why focusing (pardon the photographic pun) on developing your own voice and aesthetic is so important, rather than attempting to please others or producing work that you think will be 'popular' in some way. Incidentally, should you require any tuition or help to further you on to the path of your own aesthetic, this is something that I could perhaps assist you with. When I was teaching in Tokyo, one of the main objectives for the week was to help students discover their own unique voice. Do get in touch if this would be of interest to you.

This coming Wednesday 23/11/22 I'll be guesting on a live webinar in collaboration with Hahnemühle UK and the Photographer Academy. I'll be discussing the stories around some of my personal favourite images and there will be the opportunity to interact with live questions. I'm really looking forward to it! If you'd like to join this free webinar you just need to sign up here - webinar.

This Sunday I'll be heading to a sell out workshop at Spurn Point. I can't wait to meet some new faces and guide them around one of my favourite locations. I also have availability for my upcoming Winter workshops; please see the link here for details and to book.

Lastly, Christmas is just around the corner. Perhaps a workshop place, handmade print or Winter Solitude photo-boxset would make a very special gift for someone that you know? Prints start from £45 but you can also purchase vouchers in various denominations on the website store (link to vouchers etc if you hover over the store tab). Vouchers can be used towards workshops, prints and tuition. Please feel free to contact me for anything more specific.

Thank you so much if you made it this far, I really appreciate your time!

Bye for now!

Best wishes,


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