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A Deeper Meaning...

Everyone is searching for a ‘deeper meaning’. Which is hardly surprising in these times. Even those who seemingly have the expected dream nailed; great job, family, good health and a nice home. It’s still not quite enough. One can only assume that this missing piece is some form of spirituality. Or even just something so simple as stopping to appreciate the beauty of a fleeting moment. I’ve had my struggles like everyone, working an unsatisfying job whilst struggling with a debilitating health condition. In the words of Radiohead ‘a job that slowly kills you’ - is really not far from the truth. The system is against us, and the planet. I have learned to accept my illness as a gift. It’s the only way if it’s something which you can’t fix. Without that gift I wouldn’t be working as a photographer, something which allows me to appreciate everything around me. I feel lucky that when I’m at my lowest I can find a deeper meaning simply by looking. Furthermore, I think a deeper meaning must come from within. Not wholly from an external source, system of belief or influence. The same for happiness and contentment, you have to find these things from within.

I just thought I'd share those thoughts with you from a social media post I made yesterday. In other news I had an unexpectedly productive wander on the Wolds yesterday so thought I'd share a few of the images in a blog post. After all, they're best viewed here! Preferably on a screen bigger than a phone ;)

The driving conditions were quite treacherous on the little used backroads of the Yorkshire Wolds, but I took things slowly, I also have 4WD and all seasons tyres which I'd recommend as an absolute minimum. Over the past eighteen months I've cycled and driven past this clapped out Transit van countless times. I'd always thought it worthy of a picture and yesterday conditions were just right. In fact I went out solely with the aim of photographing this red van against the snow and ice. I thought it would make a kind of contemporary Christmas card, it's most seasonal don't you think!?

Just behind the Transit van in the same hedgerow is another little red vehicle, a Vauxhall Corsa. This car is apparently being used as a skip! Full of all kinds of random junk.

After I'd spent a while enjoying making these photographs I headed over to the coast, stopping firstly at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. Bempton is always a wonderful place to be, high up on the cliffs. I always find looking out to the sea energising and a good way to clear the head. And you never know what you might see here; countless birds are always around on each visit. Last year I even saw a Humpback whale!

The cliffs were looking magical with a dusting of frost. It was incredibly cold up on the cliff tops but the sea was calm and the mood of the day tranquil. I was actually shooting film for the most part so we'll have to wait and see how those images come out. I know one thing, changing medium format film with freezing cold numb fingers proved a tad challenging! With a butter fingers moment I did fumble with one particular film which I suspect may now have the odd light leak. All part of the fun, I think!?

I really enjoy writing these blog posts and I'll try to do more in the new year. I hope you enjoy them too :)

Whilst I'm here I may as well remind you that my Winter Solitude series will be featuring in Outdoor Photography magazine later this month (29/12). I'm really excited to see this in the magazine. As with all of my projects it's been quite a labour of love.

On the subject of Winter Solitude, I'm running two workshops at this little-known woodland early next year. I have two dates planned and availability for both, see link here if you'd like to join us. The dates are 22/01/23 & 05/02/23. I'm really looking forward to showing people this magical and diverse little woodland.

Thanks for reading and talk soon!


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