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'Icon', Wastwater, Lake District, 2015 (A3+)


If ever I'm asked which is my favourite image, it is always this particular scene which springs to mind. I think perhaps it encompasses eveything that I strive for and love in one picture. For me it is both medititave and represents the interconnectedness of all things whilst evoking a sense of mystery. Although the mountains are obscured, they are represented in full by the bold, geometric rocks of the foreground. These rocks were, once upon a time part of those mountains, until over millenia they find their way to us on the shore of Wastwater. I have this image printed for myself in a frame very similar to the one shown here. As some people may meditate sat in front of a Buddha, these rocks for me represent the mother of creation of the natural world.


I am also reminded of this quote from one of my favourite authors, John O'Donohue.


"Landscape is the first-born of creation. It was here hundreds of millions of years before the flowers, the animals or the people appeared. Landscape was here on its own. It is the most ancient presence in the world though it needs a human face to acknowledge it. One could imagine that the oceans went silent and the winds became still the first time the human face appeared on earth."


Printed on Hahnemuehle Fineart Baryta 325gsm, size A3+.
Limited unframed edition of 45, signed numbered.

£250 + £25 P&P

'Icon', Wastwater, Lake District, 2015 (A3+)

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