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Now in store: Winter Solitude Boxsets

I'm delighted to inform you all that the Winter Solitude Boxsets are now available in the store.

It's been a labour of love putting these together and has taken me about six weeks of work to get them just how I'd like. I've been looking for ways to get my work out there in a way that does it justice. Social media and a website is great for reaching people but these images are meant to be seen in print. Nothing beats the tactile experience of having a great quality print in your hands.

The box contains eight pigment prints of outstanding archival quality, printed on Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta for exquisite detail and depth. Also included is a fold-out essay about the project (printed on archival quality Agave paper) and signed certificate of authenticity. Every aspect of this boxset has been hand-crafted by myself. The box is A5 size and the prints measure 7.5 x 5.7 inches. This size is small enough to be kept anywhere - on your coffee table or bookshelf for example - but also large enough to be able to appreciate the detail. Hopefully you'll be transported to the calm of a winter woodland whenever you feel like a relaxing moment to yourself. Of course you could always get them mounted and framed! The choice is yours!

You can purchase the boxsets here: Winter Solitude

Best wishes


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