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Sigma fp Camera Unboxing Video.


A few weeks back I was invited to Sigma HQ, along with fellow Sigma Ambassadors for an unboxing session of their new camera, the fp. Alarmingly they chose to video our reactions, it's all good fun!

The fp is the world's smallest full frame camera, it also features a Bayer sensor, another first for Sigma. The camera is being marketed as a modular system, meaning that it can be used with a whole host of accessories from both Sigma and third party suppliers. The fp features the Leica designed L-mount system, as part of the alliance between Sigma, Leica and Panasonic. Users will be able to interchange lenses from all of these manufacturers. In my personal opinion, this is a truly innovative and visionary step forward, I don't normally get too excited about new kit but I can't wait to get out there with this new system.

I won't waffle on at you anymore about it, there's plenty of content for you to view on YouTube.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this five minute teaser video.

Best wishes,


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