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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Happy New Year one and all, greetings from Yorkshire!

Firstly I have seen a few new subscribers over the past couple of weeks, so welcome and thank you for taking the time to follow my work. Whilst we're on the subject of 'followers'; Facebook recently decided to delete my page without warning or explanation, should anyone have been wondering where I'd gone. I am now 7k followers down. Initially I was quite miffed about it but quite quickly came to realise that some things are simply meant to be. Facebook was mostly the wrong audience and these days is hardly reaching anyone unless one pays up! I also decided to delete my Twitter account today. I won't say much more on the social media subject as quite frankly it makes for dull reading! But you can still follow me on Instagram should you wish, here.

On to 2023 and I am excited for the year ahead. Prior to the pandemic I seemed to be constantly on the road and my output has been down on the usual, photographically. It's not a problem and allows us time to think, prioritise other work and our entire direction. I am certainly looking forward to further travels this year. Exploring new places is all part of the reason why I do this and I have been feeling a little stagnant of late. Firstly I'll be heading down to wonderful Dungeness at the end of this month. It's a place I've longed to return to since my first visit in 2020. I am also running a workshop at Dungeness too, on the 29th January, I have availability and if you'd like to join us click the link here for all the details!

Despite things being a little quiet it has been a great start to the year with my Winter Solitude series featuring in Outdoor Photography magazine issue #289 - did you see it? I'd be interested to know if that's where any new subscribers found me. It's always such a great pleasure and honour to have work published in a leading magazine and I hope you enjoyed it too.

I love learning new skills and over the past few weeks have been working on a handmade book of my Forest Visions series. I must have begun this book project around two years ago but it got put on hold whilst I focused on the Japan trip. I have now almost finished the book and can't wait to share the results with you very soon. The book has taken a few attempts to get right and I've taken book making methods from many sources to make it photo specific. I will write a blog detailing how I made the book. Hopefully that will be of some use should you wish to attempt a similar project. I will of course be making the book available to buy. However I'll also be producing a zine of the series too.

If you're new to these updates you might not be aware of the discount codes page. Previously I had a discount code for Hahnemühle UK but unfortunately they no longer sell via their website so that particular code is no longer valid. I do still have a 10% discount code for LEE Filters however. See the discount page here for details. Excitingly, I have heard from my friends at Benro UK and I'll soon be adding a discount code for their products too! If you have questions about any of these products, don't hesitate to contact me.

That's about all for now. Though I almost forgot to mention that I also have availability for my upcoming Winter Solitude workshop (2 places available) and the Coastal Visions Saltwick Bay & Whitby workshop (4 places available). Workshops page here.

Talk soon!

Best wishes,


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