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Forest Visions Handmade Book and More...

Hello all!

I hope you're well and keeping warm in this current cold snap, if you're in the UK that is! Perhaps you're elsewhere on this planet of ours? The weather always seems to be a good talking point or ice-breaker the world over. But, alas, I am digressing already and I'm only on the first paragraph!

Just before Christmas I began working on a handmade book of my Forest Visions series. It's something that had a become a necessity for me to complete on a personal level. Partly to put the project to bed, but also to achieve the skillset necessary to make professional quality photobooks. After three attempts and a huge learning curve I managed to produce something that I'm incredibly happy with. In fact seeing the book completed and sat with it in the evening was quite emotional, and I have to say that I am very proud of this creation. In a future blog post I will detail the book making process fully. I gained the knowledge from various sources with quite a bit of trial and error to make the book photo-specific. I hope this will be a very useful resource should you wish to tackle a similar project yourself.

I have made the book available to order, you can view all the details here. I will also be releasing a zine version of the book very soon.

Next up, online post processing tuition. This is something that I'd previously done on request. But due to recent enquiries you can now book a session to suit, all the details can be found here. Please don't hesitate to get in touch about any form of tuition that you feel may further your own photographic development. The session listed is aimed at beginner to intermediate, but in actuality these sessions can be completely tailored to your own needs.

New event! Running from 4.30 pm on Friday 20th October to 2.30 pm on Sunday 22nd October in the western Lake District near Wastwater. A weekend of photography talks and practical workshops with personal tuition throughout. Held at a luxury B&B on a full board basis, this is your opportunity to sign up for the only weekend workshop I'm offering this year! Full details will follow shortly but if you want to be put on the mailing list for early information or to secure a place before I release this on social media, get in touch using the message box at the bottom of the contact page here.

Lastly, with my Dungeness Coastal Visions Workshop less than two weeks away, and a week after that the Winter Solitude workshop, I still have some availability. If you'd like to join us for an inspiring day out, please check the workshops page here.

That's all for now, talk soon!


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