Image of the Month ~ November 2019

November 13, 2019


Buttermere Tree, Lake District, Cumbria, UK ~ 2015.


November's Image of the Month is certainly an old classic for me these days. It has easily been my best selling print and one of the most popular images to this day.


It was the 11th January 2015 when arrived at my boarding house close to the shores of Buttermere. A big old wooden house all to myself for the night. The weather that particular evening was stormy to say the least, with the rain lashing down and the howling wind making the house bang, clatter and creak all night, with sleep proving particularly difficult, in fact I seem to recall having about two hours maximum.


I looked out of the window the following morning at around 7:30am and couldn't see a thing, it was still raining and thick clouds covered the pre-dawn sky. Not looking very promising I thought to myself. I ate a quick breakfast and headed out into the rain without expectations. This very famous tree is just a short walk from where I parked the car, hence it's popularity, it's an easy one to bag. 


The sky was still heavy with cloud as I searched for a composition. It's always good to be out 
whatever the weather and I thought at least I'd come away with a moody grey shot. After around half an hour, the clouds very suddenly started to clear, I couldn't believe how quickly. The sun crested the mountain beyond and my jaw dropped as the scene lit up. From having no expectations, to the most glorious sunrise, a golden glow subtly lighting up the distant waterfalls and water of the lake, each cloud perfectly placed in the sky. It was almost bizarre, this light lasted approximately two minutes and then we were back to thick grey clouds once more. This was an extraordinarily, fleeting moment, two minutes in 48 hours of grey.


Since that morning, I've always believed that anything can and often does happen. It's ALWAYS worth making the effort to get out there. Looking out of the window first thing, I was tempted to lay in bed a little longer and head out later in the day, it's fair to say that I'm glad I forced myself out!


I'm really pleased to be able to offer this print in three sizes, including the more affordable 'Home Range'. Now available to purchase via the website at the link below:-




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