Image of the Month ~ September 2019

September 30, 2019


An idea that I've had floating around in my head for some time: welcome to 'Image of the Month'. Each month I'll be sharing one of my own personal favourite images and making it available as a print.

Whenever I'm asked the question, 'What is your favourite image?' it's a tricky one to answer but more often than not this particular image, titled 'Icon', springs to mind. I made this particular photo back in 2015. The location is the wild and wonderful Wastwater in the Lake District, UK. 


'Icon' is one of my favourites for a few reasons. Firstly the very bold geometric rocks in the foreground, I find them so zen-like. The distant mountains are obscured by mist, yet to me these foreground rocks are one and the same, everything in nature is interconnected and these rocks were once part of those distant mountains. As I have often said, it is very difficult to capture the grandeur of a mountain scene, yet for me, this image comes close to that. In an abstract way, those rocks are the mountain. The mist and water beyond let the eye wander in the negative space, contemplating the mountains beyond. 


I love this excerpt from Anam Cara by John O'Donohue, which always makes me think of this scene:-

 "Landscape is the first born of creation. It was here hundreds of millions of years before flowers, the animals or the people appeared. Landscape was here on its own. It is the most ancient presence in the world though it needs a human presence to acknowledge it. One could imagine that the oceans went silent and the winds became still the first time the human face appeared on earth; it is the most amazing thing in creation. In the human face, the anonymity of the universe becomes intimate".


I hope you enjoy the insight into one of my favourite images and I'll look forward to sharing next month's with you. The print is available to purchase here: ICON.


Best wishes

























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