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Hahnemühle Discount Code!

Hello there!

I hope everyone is keeping positive and busy during the lockdown?

I've been speaking to various partners to see if I can pass on any savings during this difficult time. If like me you've been doing a lot of printing you'll know that good paper can be expensive, particularly when we're experimenting and trying to find the best paper for a particular image. So it's with great excitement and gratitude that Hahnemühle have provided me with a discount code to pass on to you. The details are as follows...

  • The code will be active for two weeks (until the 19th of May)

  • The actual code is: KARLHOLTBY15

  • Using the code, customers can get 15% off our products

  • The code is valid for all Hahnemühle products

  • The code is only usable for people in the UK

Link to website here: Hahnemühle

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. I can offer advice with regards to my own personal choices of paper that I choose for particular types of images.

So get yourself stocked up now!

Stay safe and all that :)

Best wishes,


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2 комментария

Karl Holtby
Karl Holtby
06 мая 2020 г.

Hi Carole, Thank you for the comment. On a personal level I’m really enjoying the ‘Natural line’ of papers. My favourite being the Bamboo which I’m currently using for a lot of my Black + White work. These have a textured matte surface and I suspect would very much suit some of your paintings. For much higher contrast and detailed photographic work my preferences are FineArt Baryta & FineArt pearl. The best thing I think would be firstly to purchase the sample packs, say one of the Natural line and another of perhaps a FineArt range. Then you’ll get a good feel for each paper. Additionally try to download the ICC profile for your printer if available. It’s amazing the difference of character with…


Hi. I was wondering what paper you use? I take photos and would like to print on better paper. I only have an HP printer and at the moment use HP photo paper.

I also draw, here is a link to my website (if you have time do take a browse)

I am looking for paper to print my drawing images on too. Do you have any advice?

This is a brilliant offer, thanks.

Carole Coombs

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