A still from the Sigma Global movie 'Made in Aizu'

which is available to view here

Artist | Photographer | Writer | Teacher


Artist Statement


As photographers we must document the things about which we are most passionate. For me, it's the energy of places. I have always felt a deep sense of being part of the natural and spiritual world around us. We must live in a more respectful way. At present, humans live in an alternate reality of consumerism, mostly unaware of what’s happening right under our feet. Our ability to tune in to the natural world has become depleted, just like the very resources upon which we depend. I believe that respect for the natural world should become a priority, especially in our educational establishments.

Karl is an ambassador for Benro UK, a LEE Filters Master Photographer and has worked with many other leading photographic manufacturers.

Photographic career:-



  • The Photography Show - 19th Sept, Behind the Lens stage - "The Art of Composition"

  • Visiting Professor at Musashino Art University, Tokyo


  •  'Where Ravens Soar' - featured in Black + White Photography magazine; issue 244

  • LEE Filters Master Photographer

  • Featured photographer for the SIGMA Global lens catalogue


  • Featured photographer for the SIGMA Global lens catalogue





  • Featured in Black + White Photography Magazine

  • Exhibited in Beijing for Sigma SEIN Expo

  • Moorsview exhibition at the Joe Cornish Galleries

  • SIGMA UK Ambassador 2017-2020

  • Spoke at the Photography Show - Behind the Lens stage



  • Phase One, Capture One Ambassador

  • Induro Tripods Ambassador

  • Featured LEE Filters Exposure magazine



  • Shortlisted for Black + White Photographer of the year

  • Moorsview exhibition at the Joe Cornish Galleries